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Walt Disney Company Supply Chain Analysis

The Walt Disney Company's supply chain is a critical component of its operations, and several aspects of its supply chain management have been highlighted in the search results.

Responsible Supply Chain and Compliance

The Walt Disney Company has established requirements for licensees and vendors to monitor their supply chains for compliance with relevant labor laws and the labor provisions of Disney's Supply Chain Code of Conduct. This includes specifying where products may be produced, reviewing social compliance audit reports, issuing corrective action plans to promote improvement in working conditions, and facilitating supply chain labor-related training .

Supplier Diversity and Inclusion

The growth and development of a diverse supply base is a commitment that The Walt Disney Company regards as crucial to its continued success. The company's prime supplier program ensures the inclusion of diverse suppliers throughout the Disney supply chain while optimizing resources through second-tier diverse spend reporting .

Value Chain Analysis

Porter's Value Chain Analysis of The Walt Disney Company includes the assessment of primary supply chain activities, such as product creation and delivery to customers. The company aims to increase efficiency and meet cost-saving goals through supply chain management approaches .

International Labor Standards Program

The Disney International Labor Standards (ILS) Program oversees labor standards compliance across the vast supply chain for Disney-branded consumer products. The program establishes requirements for monitoring supply chains for compliance with relevant labor laws, specifies where products may be produced, and provides for the review of social compliance audit reports .

Operations Management and Material Supply Chain

The company's material supply chain management supports the material needs of its operations, including amusement parks, resorts, hotels, cruise ships, and media and entertainment production. Operations managers ensure that the supply chain remains cost-effective, efficient, and stable to support the company's operations in different markets .

In conclusion, The Walt Disney Company's supply chain management encompasses responsible practices, supplier diversity and inclusion, compliance with international labor standards, and efficient material supply chain management to support its diverse operations.

Annual Report Key Metrics


$82.722B revenue

$3.145B net income

47 billion dollars in debt.

100 years old.

Cash on hand $14.18B

Annual expenses of $76.189B

Disney has 47% of the money they need to pay their debt right now. A bunch of assets. With an upcoming annual expense bill of $83.79B.

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