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How does Creator Connect Work?

Step 1

Make Custom Artwork _ Creator Connect _

Press the Light Bulb to Make an Inspost

Always feel free to go crazy with the description. Although if it is something you think is sensitive content please keep post private.You can do that by going directly to the artist on our app or posting your inspect as private. 

Step 2

Make Custom Artwork _ Creator Connect _

Go Pick an Artist

You can send your inpost directly to the Artist and they can evaluate your proposal and get back with you. All you have to do is press the Creator Connect Button

Step 3

Make Custom Artwork _ Creator Connect _

Get your custom artwork

Once you Pay to hire your artist. Your Project will begin. Creator Connect will pay the Artist upon your Agreement to the completion of the project. You get up to 3 edits. 



Creator Connect iPhone app

Click The Inspost Button to Inspire an Artist to Create

You now have an opportunity to connect with amazing artist to bring your vision to fruition.


You Can Even Stay Within Your Budget

Once you enter the details of your idea and have the found the artist you like. All you have to do is simply send them a request. 

Creator Connect Send Artist request
Creator Connect formula
Creator Connect post Artwork

Are You An Artist Looking For Exposure and Clients?

All concepts all start with an idea, right? so guess what now you have a place to share your ideas and your art and keep them organized in one place. 

Track Your Earnings and potential Earnings 

Creator Connect Settings

What type of artwork can be created on Creator Connect?

Any type of artwork can be done through Creator Connect, submit here and tell us the type of art you are looking for (include examples if you'd like), give us your budget, name, email, method of delivery (digitally or by mail depending on the type of work you like), and we will make sure you receive your masterpiece.

What happens if I do not like the artwork I received?

You will also receive updates during the process of the creation so the chances of you not liking your piece are pretty slim. However, if the artist does not complete the scope of the project, we will issue a refund. Each customer gets up to 3 edits and can receive a 50% refund upon completion of the first edit if they wish to not continue the creation. 

How do you receive your artwork?

If you are requesting an artwork, it is important to always insert how you would like to receive it, for example, by mail or by email. Not to worry, your Creator Connect representative will get obtain this information from you or ask the creator you are working with directly in the app. 

What if it is a digital file?

Let's say you want an illustration done by a graphic designer. When you pay Creator Connect, we do not issue the payment to the artist until we have received and reviewed the file. Then we send you the file when the process is complete. 

How do I place an order?

Click on the "Submit Idea" Button. You may also fill out the form provided and a Creator Connect representative will get back to you shortly.

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Creator Connect

Creator Connect is available for free on the Apple Store

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