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Please stay within these size requirements above.


Creator Connect is redefining the typical Art Gallery. By offering cost efficient monthly payments and hosting weekly events to promote your art as a member of the Creator Connect platform. 

Therefore we have created a way to make art accessible to everyone by doing this. 

  • Displaying Your Artwork in Our Gallery and App
  • App is Free
  • Creating Tags for your Artwork with CC and Instagram User Name
  • Events to Attract an Audience
  • Displaying the Original and Print Cost on Your Tag
  • Taking only %10 commission. 

The Cost to Display for March is only $40. Please click the link below to pay your monthly rate. No Monthly commitment. 

DEADLINE FEB 26th 2019 


All Art will be Maintained and Well Kept. 


Creator Connect does not insure Art due to the Short agreeement. 


By Purchasing this Wall Space you understand that we will act as promotor of you work and you must put your Artwork on our App as you will be featured there as well. 

Display Artwork