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Top 5 Art Blogs

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Have you ever had an artist block? No one likes the frustration behind not being able to create. Don’t let it get you down. These artist blogs are guaranteed to get the gears rolling and help inspire you to create.

Below, we have a collection of our top five websites that discuss and celebrate artists, artwork, events, museums, and more.

Arrested Motion

If you are a street artist or into contemporary urban art the Arrested Motion is the blog for you. You can find upcoming artist interviews, events, sculptures, ways to bring out your inner creativity, featured studios and reviews on exhibits that you are interested in visiting.

Brwn Paper Bag

This website is a great platform to use to learn about other artist and to see what the art community is up to. Sara Barnes is the main writer of the platform she mainly shares embroidered items, and illustrations. She shares other artist’s work and talks about her favorite pieces. This blog is a must read every week!


Colossal is one of the largest award-winning visual art, design and culture blogs on the web. The blog was launched in 2010 and to date celebrates both up and coming artist and established artists. Colossal features over 5,000 articles on fine art, crafts, design, animation, photography, street art, illustration, and architecture. What makes Colossal unique is that they explore the beauty of the natural world at the intersection of art and science.

Creative Boom

Creative Boom is an online magazine that celebrates, encourages, and supports the artist community. The website focuses on art, crafts, graphic design, sketch art and photography. You can find emerging artist, latest books and tools, interviews and anything to get you inspired.

Jealous Curator

Are you more of a listener than a reader? The Jealous Curator is not only a blog and forum, but is also a podcast. This is a great way to get you inspired as a creator and to get over being your biggest critic. The Jealous Curator is dedicated to turning your jealousy into creativity.


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