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Tech Layoffs force better connection with CREATORS

Updated: May 22, 2023

April 18, 2022 I shared this information below privately with a few people. I believe it is important that I blog about this as well.

WHERE IS THE WORLD NOW? Currently we have expanded American social media platforms but we have left out a major component which is a pathway for simple and easy collaborations that goes directly to the creator for creative collaborations(s).

Therefore Creator Connect has built a system that gives creators direct access to companies and people that want to collaborate. As well as giving companies and people a direct path to connecting with creators.

Take a look at the current state of social platforms. There is an extreme disconnect between Companies, Big Tech and Creators.

  • 4.62 Billion users Social Media Users out of 7.5 platforms. Are controlled, operated and managed by only 256,338 people.

  • Out of 7 of the biggest social platforms in the world only 1 pays Creators which is YouTube.

  • 388B in revenue total and only 15B in revenue reported for creators out of 7 of the biggest platforms.

  • 6 out of the 7 social platforms do not hire creators or refer creators business opportunities that use their platform.

  • 19% of Artist make over 50K a Year 19B in Income reported

  • 81% make closer to 12K a year 16.2B in income reported.

  • 6 out of these 7 companies are controlling and monitoring how we communicate, connect, what information we receive and what business and opportunities we find out about.

  • Average Millennial Salary $47,304 per year

  • This is affecting our economy, our personalities, our social and mental well being and our ability to express ourselves are being suppressed.

There is clear enough opportunity for everyone but our pathways for creative collaboration are stagnated and need improvement. More collaboration between creators, people and businesses needs to happen. It needs to happen fast. We need a new pathway of communication.


  • Improving and creating new pathways to collaborate and connect within our technology. Allowing business and people to connect with artist, musicians, influencers and content creators.

  • Setting an environmental example based on how we store and deploy information.

  • Creating amazing projects and supporting our clients.

  • Creating a healthy environment for creators, to learn, improve their skills and expand their portfolio.

  • While also creators take the initiative to engage with better platforms.

All thing that we are doing at Creator Connect... but most importantly the conversation is changing... more people are asking what is your budget? Rather than setting a set price for things.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are starting to become more knowledgeable and lean about the work they need done.

Can you see where we headed? A world where people hire as needed? Have our tools gotten that good?


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