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How to work with low energy and low motivation?

Some say you have to be discipline, focus and determined to get pass these obstacles in life...but what if you are all tapped out? You tried everything and you feel defeated... You have no support from friends and family. Your resources are limited... And you are trying to pursue your path during an international pandemic... Well here is a few words from myself.

Take a deep breath.

Ask yourself? When was the last time I checked up on my wellness.

Environmental Wellness

Do I live in an environment where I have fresh air? shelter? electricity? running water? and a healthy place to sleep? and internet?

Community Wellness

Have the community of people I surrounded myself by supportive and healthy for me?

Spiritual Wellness

How often do I connect with source? How often do I meditate?

Physical Wellness

Am I able to eat health? Am I able to exercise? Challenge myself daily?

Individual Well

What are my goals and what are 3 things I can do everyday to keep myself moving forward?

During tough times I know it can be tough to be motivated. Especially with so much many outside factors effecting our everyday lives. I know that it is not easy but I want to encourage you today to be

  1. Kinder to Yourself

  2. Evaluate those 5 dimensions of wellness!!

  3. Be open to Change

When we activate the awareness to evaluate our wellness we can make healthy decisions to change in order to get where we want to be In life.

I know during this time for most we may feel as though the universe is not working in our favor but if we fine that we are lacking in certain areas of wellness... That also means our intuitive guide is asking us to change, try something new and tap into your creativity to do it.


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