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How Hiring Artist helped me Heal

The holiday season is around the corner and lets just say the pass 24 months for most people has not been the easiest or relaxing experience. It has been filled with a lot of growing pains, unlearning, break ups, pandemic, uncertainty and moments of absolute chaos.

and during these times many of us have used many forms of art to sooth and heal ourselves.

During these times I remember just wanting to protect my mind and wanting to have a visual image to reassure me that I was protected, so I worked with Matt one of our veteran creators on making this piece.

The concept was to create angels protecting me and this is how it came out below.

Cost: 100 USD

Art can also be used to show your friends you care about them and they are not alone. It never hurts to throw some magic in peoples lives.

Cost: 175 USD

Or it can be used to create a family photo. How are you using Art for the Holidays? Download our app or submit your idea to us today we would love to help you find the perfect artist.

Cost: 1500 USD (Digital Artwork only)


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