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How Bill Gates Invest his Money in a Warming World

Absolutely great article by @thisisbillgates In the @nytimes - I thought this portion was kinda loaded... so here are a few thoughts. - Bill is saying we should give tax incentives to green tech and green products... so they can become more competitive with companies that choose profits over sustainability/environment... - @0.iam.1 agrees and adds - “We are having trouble determining what is good or bad for us... let’s all utilize a system(DEGS) that gives our everyday products and services a score on their environmental and economic impact so we can know what we should buy and what we should stray away from” - Bill looks at this from a bigger perspective because he is really rich hahahaha... so he says “Every time you opt for a climate friendly product — whether it’s an LED bulb, installing a heat pump, eating plant-based meat or driving an electric car — you’re sending a signal to the market that this green product is in demand.” - I am saying we need to think even bigger because right now a company can “design a T-shirt in India that says “SAVE THE PLANET”... produce it in China... drop ship it at Amazon... and build a profitable company...things like this are happening 30,000 times a day” and this effects our environment and economy. Let’s look at everything big and small because we have the tools now. - Since we are not properly grading/scoring our goods and services and notifying consumers so we can make better choices... we are spending and creating at a pace that doesn’t make economic or environmental sense... when we now have the ability to... - So Bill encourages the rich to invest in transformative solutions and also encourages everyday people to pay attention to what you buy because you could be sending the wrong signal to the economy. - Great job Bill. Really cool to see and read this article... glad I am not the only 1 who gets it at this stage.


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