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Could waiting to enter the NFT market be a good thing?

Why on earth would something that you can copy and paste be worth so much money?

Who is actually making money?

Is NFTs a scam?

Is it another way for Artist to live in fantasy land? And pretend their artwork is valuable with no proof.

Well let’s start with this… how is value established? Let’s think in terms of things the human body demands in our current era.

Humans need food?

Humans need shelter?

Humans need clothing and apparel ?

How can we get these things by utilizing our currency correct?

But there is a lot of change that needs to happen in order to transition our NFTs into a usable currency so that the buyer can trade for goods and services?

So doesn’t that technically mean cash is still king and people are just taking an extra step… for possibly no reason. Where did the value come from if we can not utilize it?


How do we value NFTs and why you should wait till Creator Connect finishes building our block chain to get involve.

Well our technology takes very important data for artist!!!

  • Date of creation?

  • How much they sell it for?

  • How often people buy it?

  • How many views?

  • Shares?

  • What people pay for to commission similar pieces?

  • Was the design listed on a product?

  • Does it have a royalty?

Do you believe reasoning is important to determine the value of something?

Do you think intuitively we value things based off supply and demand or what people say they are worth ? Or how long they take to create them…

There comes a point in time where it is important to consider establishing a proper supply and demand channel for pricing Artwork …

Our technology allows this because of our data practices with real Artist and Artee’s.

So why would you invest in something with no logic? And barely any data backed behind it? Or details on how you can use it for your benefit.

This is the power of Creator Connect. We are a very important step to creating a system for artist to be able to consistently get work or get real data on how their art may not serve the masses but still be an outlet for sharing.

There has to come a time where we begin to do thing orderly.

The world has been really out of order. Let’s support and embrace concepts that support and create ways for creators to unlock their powers therefore opening the door for healing all over the world.


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