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Why You Should Have Wall Art in Your Home

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Wall art can transform a space. It can turn a boring, cold space into a warm and inviting oasis. That's why restaurants and hotels always cover their walls in art; they want the space to feel welcoming to their customers.

Walls are a blank canvas waiting to be covered in stunning art. Wall art is such an important aspect of your home's design. Here are 5 reasons you should have wall art in your home.

Personal Touch

Adding Wall Art to your space is a great way to express your personality and let it shine through on the walls of your home. There are thousands and thousands of wall art options, and with Creator Connect, you can even have wall art custom made just for you. Explore our artists >>

Finished Look

When it comes to interior design, wall art is a must-have because it gives the space a finished look. It's that finishing element that makes your home feel established, inviting and lived-in. Think back to your first apartment or college dorm room; not very inviting right?

Why You Should Have Wall Art in Your Home | Creator Connect
(Image Credit: Style Curator)

Conversation Starter

Not only does wall art make your home feel more welcoming, but it's also a great conversation starter. Think about it - you have custom artwork in your home. Who wouldn't want to talk about that? Even if it's not custom, your wall art can still be a focal point in your home, making it a great, conversational piece.

Adds Color and Texture

Wall art is a great way to bring in pops of color and new textures into the design of your home. You can even change out your art for each season or Holiday. Also, wall art doesn't just have to be paintings or prints; wall art can come in all shapes, sizes and mediums.

Improves Your Mood

That's right, wall art can actually make you happier. Wall art allows you to create a space that's finished, warm and inviting, full of color and texture and that speaks to your personality. Wall art allows you to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. It can give you peace of mind and improve your overall mood from day to day.


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