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5 Days living Neo Primitive lifestyle at Mountain Gardens. Part 1

So why would a tech founder want to live a Neo primitive lifestyle and what Is the purpose?

What is a Neo Primitive lifestyle?

"The style evolved alongside Primitivism in Europe. Both movements were anti-capitalist at their core, viewing modernism as a decline in society and national identity, seeking instead a return to ‘primitive’ styles and techniques for producing art."

What is a Neo primitive lifestyle? the Donnavan Kirk definition...

Fueling your vessel off of natural resources without spending money or using resources(electricity, water, fuel) that are generated and controlled by outside local authorities.

So what did I bring?



2 cellphones iOS and Android


Portable Charge

Bag of clothes

Air mattress

2 blankets

2 Pillows

Was I scared?


Absolutely. Watch this.

How did I eat?

Well it turns out At Mountain Gardens you are not on this journey alone and we all take on different roles. Some choose to find the food and cook the food. You can also bring food to share with the community. Or you can go search for food in the garden... Or go hunt.

I got of the members was a chef. and She made us delicious food...and a local farmer makes home made bread.

Check out the images below.

Stay Tuned for more.


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