\ ˈär-tē\

A person that is the source of inspiration for a creative artist that may provide the artist with imagery or a description for inspiration. Synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus; muse.

The best of the best.

the only art i can create is music and im looking for someone to create me a clothing brand with this picture and come up with a catchy little saying on the shirt too and hoodies and socks and hats.

I want the painting that was shown recently of Kim kardashian and her kids and hubby


Painting of Winnie

Reminding myself of the last photo i had taken at vice city arts miami, miami vice aka miami nights. Artist visuals n sights taking flight, creating an abstract night.


I would like a Lion 🦁 not to furious and not to weak looking. With the letters FB behind the lion 🦁 in caps with a tilted crown hanging on the F of the FB...Thx in advance 🗣COD

Say my sisters keeper

Any size Must be good and accurate

Any size With color Must be nice and accurate

Create a large colorful wood plaque looking like this picture in definition 1219 THE U FAMILY LOGO OF MIAMI HURRICANES

My boyfriend is in the army and was so inspired by this abstract painting. I would love to get a portrait of him in his uniform just like this. I don’t the artist who created this. The ideal size would be 24x30

My boyfriend is in the army and was so inspired the painting. I would love to get this picture of him just like the other piece. I don’t know the artist who created the painting. An ideal size would be 24x36

So our club was created out of our enjoyment and love in call of duty black ops 2. God’s Right Hand is our brotherhood riding anything with wheels. And team is growing still. We want something godly but wicked to have as a backpatch. Something like a shield with cross and reaper or like knights templar shield but add coolness to it.

A painting of: Two mermaids (best friends) making a heart. One mermaid is dirty blonde with curly hair who has a bluish tail. While the other is light brown hair with a reddish tail. Both are white but the brunette is a little more tan. Undear water details with a turle. As well as realistic as it can be.

My favorite picture look like sick☠️🔥

I need a special graphic for a special moment

Hi!! I need 5 portraits made of 1 couple each. It doesn’t have to be crazy realistic just somehow look like them. I know it’s last minute but I need it before Friday 6PM. Let me know please thank you!!

The team I work with at Adobe Systems has a project that is going live. we spend a lot of late/early hours debugging issues, problem solving, while in the line of fire from various stake holders. Accordingly we have a group text channel called "Siphon HD" . Siphon is project name, HD stands for Hell Divers from the book -> . Need Art for a TShirt


Say my sisters keeper